Private Event BBQ May 28 2016


55  Guests  36 adults  19 kids,  May 28,  2016  6pm

Hot dogs   Kosher– beef, chicken, veggie, spicy

40 Beef burgers

24 servings grilled organic Chicken breasts light marinade – lemon rosemary Dijon – thinly sliced

Selection of buns & breads Epi, Ace, whole wheat ,skinny Loblaw

Many toppings, relishes , mustards, mayo, ketchup, sauerkraut pickles hot peppers etc.

1 L  chile beans & bacon ( got the beans  just fry & add bacon), 1L fried mushrooms, 1 L New York onion sauce

1 L tomato salsa, 500 ml  sliced raw sweet onion, 8 sliced ripe tomatoes, 2 -3 heads leaf lettuce washed & dried   1 L shredded old cheddar, 1L crumbled  chevre, 500 ml shredded mozz  .butter

Potato chips

Baby Kale & romaine caesar salad with slivered red peppers, cucumber, cherry tomatoes cut in half, shredded carrots ,croutons,  roasted garlic Caesar dressing  shaved parmigiana Reggiano

Leafy Kind organic greens salad  white balsamic olive oil dressing

Large selection of grilled vegetables  – lots Japanese eggplant, lots red & yellow peppers, zucchini, Portobello’s, fennel, fat asparagus, yams, corn medallions


Ice cream Sundaes vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, a sorbet – send ice cream scoops – choc, sauce, caramel sauce, marshmallow,

Lots Sprinkles,  whip cream  cherries,

Fruit salad

Cookies  oatmeal, choc chip, Oreos

Strawberry Shortcakes on light sponge cakes & chocolate brownies