April 2013

TS Events

Lobsters, oysters and clams oh my! Crustaceans and bivalves are the culinary cornerstone of Smoked & Cracked, a new full-service caterer celebrating the shelled water dwellers with ever so many delicious menu ideas and ways to serve. Read More…

July 2013

The South Bayview Bulldog

Smoked and Cracked has hot and cold lobster
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August 2013


It only took three pints of Guinness for Michael Kash and Ron Raymer to decide they wanted to go into business together. The two went out for drinks after a catering gig, and three beers in, Kash posed the question, “What do you think about lobsters?” The rest is history. Smoked and Cracked, their new lobster restaurant on Mount Pleasant, officially opened in early July. Read More……..




September 2013

With cottage season winding down, one chef is keeping summer alive with his own urban lobster boil-on Mt. Pleasant of all places. And we owe it all to a culinary genius who has flown under the radar for the last 40 years. Chef Ron Raymer ring a bell? Thought so, but let me assure you he is responsible for many a memorable meal in this town whether you knew it or not. Read more

September 9 2013

Toronto Life

Introducing: Smoked and Cracked, a new lobster shack on Mount Pleasant

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Thursday January 23 2014

2013 was indeed the year of the independent, underdogs turning out everything from super smoked meats and smart seafood concepts to good ole honest American comfort food.
And now for the winners of this year’s Top 10 restaurants of 2013

May 26 2014

Post City Magazine

“This one tastes really fresh,” says Hopgood, biting into the roll. “There’s a good amount of lobster in it,” says van Gameren. Both enjoy the tarragon, but Hopgood finds the bun a bit heavy. “This is the purest form of the lobster roll with the best, purest-tasting lobster,” says van Gameren. Hopgood agrees: “It’s unanimous.” Read More