Jun 042014

Once the hot weather hits, our appetites change drastically. Gone is the need for comforting stews and casseroles. Instead, our craving for cold dishes packed with fresh, vibrant flavours and drinks that quench our thirst, skyrocket.

Here are my top picks to help keep you cool this season.

By Stephanie Dickison
June 2, 2014
Smoked and Cracked
516 Mt. Pleasant Rd.
Toronto, ON
Lobster rolls are on every menu it seems right now, but few get is right. The ones served in Boston and Cape Cod have very little mayo and the lobster is the real focus of the meal.At Smoked and Cracked the East Coast version (cold – $22) is perfection. The sandwich arrives with huge chunks of lobster, dressed ever-so-lightly with mayo and fresh tarragon on a grilled bun.It’s achingly simple, but exactly how it should be.